SAQA ID 102161, NQF Level 5, 445 CREDITS

This occupational qualification provides an opportunity for the learner to acquire a range of administrative skills to coordinate the activities of an office including information management and operational processes.

Qualified learners will be competent to support management with office and information administration demonstrating a range of administrative and communication skills. They will be able to function in Human Resource, Marketing, Public Relations or Financial departments/unit which will enable them to accomplish tasks professionally and efficiently in the increasingly computerised environment of a business office in accordance with national and international standards in the field. The learner will also understand cultural diversity, multicultural communication and the principles of a professional image and grooming to promote the image of the organisation.

The occupational qualification is to equip students with the broad based knowledge and skills to be able to be employed in a small business or a large corporation, public or private and advance their personal and career management skills to enhance their employability.

Qualified learners will be competent to support executive management with:

  • Office Administration and record management.
  • Communication skills.
  • Multicultural customer and client relational skills.
  • Resource/facilities management.
  • Tender administration.
  • Skills development administration.
  • PR and advocacy and social and digital media.
  • Computerised project management skills.
  • Staffing and people support administration.
  • Fundamental life and work skills.

A qualified learner will be able to:

  • Manage resources according to good governance policies and procedures to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation.
  • Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of the specific departments to facilitate the smooth running thereof by using computerised systems and practices.
  • Assist in selection process, induction, employee wellness and skills development of employees.
  • Process given data to complete a Workplace Skills Plan.
  • Assist in the administrative function of the marketing, public relations and advocacy of the organisation.
  • Communicate effectively using appropriate methods to maintain effective customer relationships according to organisational standards customer service of internal and external stakeholders.
  • Plan, administer and provide support services to a special project within an organisation.

Entry Requirements

Level 4 Mathematical Literacy and Communication.

Office Administrator Job Prospects

  • Administration Officer (Local Government).
  • Business Administration Officer (Local Government).
  • Office Supervisor.
  • Office Coordinator.
  • Administration Clerk/Officer.
  • Administrative Assistant.
  • Client Services Administrator.
  • Operation Services/Support Officer.
  • Planning Support Officer/Site Clerk.
  • Tender Coordinator.

Job prospects in Human Resources, Marketing, Public Relations or Financial departments/units.

After completion of this qualification, you can further studies in

  • National Diploma: Office Management and Technology, Level 6.
  • Diploma: Office Management and Technology, Level 6.
  • Diploma in Office Management, Level 6.
  • Diploma: Office Administration, Level 6.

 Duration of Early Childhood Development Practitioners

Full Time–Two Years including Work Experience

Part Time–Four Years including Work Experience

Structure of the Office AdministratorQualification

This Occupational Certificate has three compulsory modules which are Knowledge, Practical Skill and Work Experience Modules.

Knowledge Modules

132 Credits

Practical Skill Modules

155 Credits

Work Experience Modules

158 Credits

·      Effective office administration and management, 10 Credits.

·      Business communication and customer services, 8 Credits.

·      Office protocol, deportment and etiquette, 8 Credits.

·      Apply End User Computing, 6 Credits.

·      Social media and digital literacy,5 Credits.

·      Introductory project management, 2 Credits.

·      Computerised Project Management, 15 Credits.

·      Basic business calculations, 5 Credits.

·      Resource and procurement management, 15 Credits.

·      Tender and procurement processes, and procedures, 5 Credits.

·      Document management and record keeping, 15 Credits.

·      Staffing, and people support, 15 Credits.

·      Principles of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF) in relation to Skills development and Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) administration, 12 Credits.

·      Public relations, marketing and advocacy, 6 Credits.

·      Ready for work standards, 5 Credits.

·      Project Stakeholder Management, 8 Credits.

· Communication and effective customer relationships, 10 Credits.

· Manage, coordinate and assist in the administration and clerical support of resources to facilitate the smooth and effective operational activities within the organisation, 15 Credits.

· Assist in the administration and preparation of the process of tendering of contracts, 15 Credits.

· Manage meetings,15 Credits.

· Payroll processing and pay administration, 15 Credits.

· Support the recruitment, selection, and induction of staff,15 Credits.

· Classify, identify, register, track and dispose of records and information, 15 Credits.

· Assist in the administration and preparation of the Workplace Skills Plan (WSP),15 Credits.

· Provide administrative support to Marketing/Public Relations division, 20 Credits.

· Prepare, install and dismantle exhibition elements, 10 Credits.

· Manage a small project, Credits 10.

· Perform administrative and meeting support functions to support management,12 Credits.

· Handle customer and client’s queries and liaison in an office, 8 Credits.

· Marketing/Public Relations and administrative support,25 Credits.

· Assist in planning and coordinating at least two special events/conferences, 20 Credits.

· Procure and allocate resources,15 Credits.

· Solicit tender offers in terms of a set of procedures, 10 Credits.

· Manage a paperless office, 20 Credits.

· Supervision, and training of administration staff,15 Credits.

· Assist in developing a Workplace Skills Plan according to employee training needs, 8 Credits.

· Apply ready for work standards to everyday work activities, 25 Credits.


Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL)

RPL for access to the external integrated summative assessment: Petra Institute of Development and approved workplaces may assist learners who have previous experience to be assessed against the different assessment criteria for the qualification as specified in the related curriculum document to establish and confirm prior learning. Petra Institute of Development and workplaces must confirm prior learning by issuing a statement of result or certifying a work experience record.


This qualification requires Integrated Assessment as follows:
Integrated Formative Assessment
Petra Institute of Development will use the curriculum as provided by QCTO to guide learners on the stipulated internal assessment criteria and weighting. Petra Institute of Development will also apply the scope of practical skills and applied knowledge as stipulated by the internal assessment criteria. This formative assessment leads to entrance into the integrated external summative assessment.Our Portfolio of Evidence will be submitted within one month of completion of contact learning.

Integrated Summative Assessment
An external integrated summative assessment, conducted through the relevant Quality Council for Trades and Occupations (QCTO) Assessment Quality Partner is required for the issuing of this qualification. The external integrated summative assessment will focus on the Exit Level Outcomes and Associated Assessment Criteria.

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